By Dwayne Engle
The 10th Armored Division, Seventh Army during the last few months of World War II in Europe as seen through the events and actions of Sherman tank co-driver/front gunner Melvin Engle.

Ride along with Bronze Star Medal earner Melvin Engle and experience the last several months of World War II as a tank driver/.30 machine gunner at the end of the worlds greatest war.

Experience the journey with Melvin from his small Indiana farm to Europe as the 10th Armored Division of the Seventh Army cut their way through Germany from Trier to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

See what Melvin saw. Go where Melvin went. Feel what a soldier in World War II actually felt.

202 pages loaded with maps and photos and history.


When I was a young boy, every so often, my father would fascinate me with tales of World War II. He was a Sherman medium tank co-driver and as such, subsequently the .30 caliber bow gunner. His stories never involved hardship of any kind and he only told maybe five or six stories again and again that had to do with funny, or ironic, situations in which he was involved. Even the story of how he had earned his Bronze Star Medal one very cold night in Germany, was edited for a young boy.

As I grew older the stories were told less often with each passing year until at last the stories ended completely. Finally, not long ago, for some reason I asked him something about his service. But this time, as he retold the stories, he began to choke up and his eyes started to glisten with tears. That was the last time I ever asked him anything about the war.

I wondered for years why, suddenly, it had come to upset him so badly to recount the events that had once come so easy to him years prior. Then it dawned on me. I realized that, as a child, he knew I had no concept of the realities of war. They were just stories. But as I grew older--old enough to understand what he'd gone through---what he had to do, the stories became real to him once again. They weren't just stories anymore, they were experiences to relive.

This book wasn't written so much for my dad as for my nephews, nieces, and the generations to follow. We all need to remember what these brave veterans did for us some sixty years ago.

Table of Contents
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Entire book - Preface and Chapters 1 through 27 (10.9MB download)

Preface - Time Table, Chronology, Organic Units

Chapter 1 - "The Letter"

Chapter 2 - "Camp Shanks, New York"

Chapter 3 - "The North Atlantic" day 1

Chapter 4 - "Across The Channel" day 12

Chapter 5 - "Le Harve, France" day 12

Chapter 6 - "Luxembourg" day 13

Chapter 7 - "Trier, Germany" day 14

Chapter 8 - "Schweich, Germany" day 15

Chapter 9 - "St. Wendel, Germany" day 21

Chapter 10 - "Kaiserslautern, Germany" day 25

Chapter 11 - "Landau, Germany" day 27

Chapter 12 - "Worms, Germany" day 33

Chapter 13 - "Schwetzingen, Germany" day 35

Chapter 14 - "Bruchsal, Heilbronn, Lauffen, Germany" day 38 - 41

Chapter 15 - "Assamstadt, Germany" day 42

Chapter 16 - "Crailsheim, Germany" day 44

Chapter 17 - "Ohringen, Germany" day 48

Chapter 18 - "Schwabisch Hall/Gmund, Germany" day 54

Chapter 19 - "Ehingen, Germany" day 58

Chapter 20 - "Ulm, Germany" day 60

Chapter 21 - "Memmingen, Germany" day 62

Chapter 22 - "Kempten, Imst, Fussen, Germany" day 63 - 65

Chapter 23 - "Lermoos, Austria" day 66

Chapter 24 - "Garmish Partenkirchen, Germany" day 71

Chapter 25 - "Camp Lucky Strike" day 128 - 161

Chapter 26 - "Coming Home" day 162

Chapter 27 - Progress Maps/Sources

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